Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Apple, The Attention Economy

I've been traveling, attending weddings, and working my tail off for the past few days. So, in lieu of a post, here are two links worth a read:

1) From the WSJ: Internet Start-Ups Diversify Their Business Models . The article discusses how the once white-hot widget developers are moving away from traditional, ad-based business models towards selling virtual goods or providing tailored, "immersive brand experiences" for advertisers.

2) From bookardo: Steve Jobs on why Apple doesn’t do market research . This post rolls up a bunch of interviews and articles and summarizes Apple's approach to market research. It includes a great quote from Jonathan Ive:

“Apple’s goal isn’t to make money. Our goal is to design and develop and bring to market good products…We trust as a consequence of that, people will like them, and as another consequence we’ll make some money. But we’re really clear about what our goals are.”


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